Sanctuary of Fear is CLOSED for the 2015 season.
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You Spoke and We Listened!

By RonnieRage a - Posted Oct 27, 14
You wanted more so we gave you more!

The Sanctuary of Fear is terrifying the good citizens of Northern California with not one, not two, but three completely brand new Haunts for this year.

In Tombstone Terror-tory guests take a frightening walk back into the wild west where men were men and the dead were hungry.  Try to survive as our cavalcade of pioneering miscreants does their best to put you under boot hill.

In Abandoned you brave victims will take a claustrophobic journey through darkness and despair as you make your way through an abandoned mine shaft.  Feel free to scream as you brush past unseen horrors and flesh and blood terrors as you attempt to find a way out.

Panic Attack is a pulse pounding thrill ride of sound, light and confusion.  Find your way out of this maze, where you decide which direction to take.  But do not think that you are alone in this cacophony of distraction...and when the music ends and the darkness begins...they WILL come for you.
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